5 Ways to Find a Lost Android Device

Find Lost Phone

Losing a smartphone is something that can happen to anyone. Sometimes the lost Android device is nearby and easily found, but other times the device is lost or stolen, which make the search more complex.

Either way, the whole process is pretty tedious and time-consuming.  Fortunately, there are some easy, handy solutions to such troublesome situations. Selection of these methods will generally depend on the severity of your situation. You can choose from third party applications to the general security settings on your Android device.

Lock your screen

As prevention from smartphone thefts and loss, we suggest to set up a lock screen and a strong password as soon as you buy a new phone. This is the first and the simplest defense mechanism to protect your personal information.

Setting it up is very easy; all you have to do is:

  1. Go to Settings;
  2. Go to Security; and
  3. Set up your password depending on the type you want for you lock screen. It might be PIN, pattern or password. In some Android device, Face Recognition facility is also available. This makes the phone security even safer.

Find Your Lost Android Device

1. Use Android Device Manager (ADM)

Android Device Manager is an app that lets you find and remotely manage your device. You can access it from a computer or from another Android device, simply by signing in to your Google account.

 Here is how to use is if you lost your phone :

  • Make your phone ring : If your phone is nearby, you can easily locate it using the “Ring” feature. It will make it ring at full volume for 5 minutes – even if your device was on silent or vibrate mode.
  • Lock your phone : If you are unable to locate your lost Android device, you can at least lock it with a password using ADM. You can reset the password on your phone and keep your data protected even if it has gone to wrong hands. Moreover, the app lets you leave a callback number and a short message in case a good soul finds your phone.
  • Erase your phone : If you have lost all hope to get your phone back, we suggest you erase your data from your Android device remotely. There is more information than you may think on your lost phone. But this is your last resort. Be aware that you won’t be able to access your information once you erased it.

The best thing about this app is that it doesn’t need to be downloaded or installed.

However, there are 4 requirements for the app to work:

  • Make sure your Android device is connected to your Google account,
  • Make sure your cellular network is turned on,
  • Make sure your location access is on, and
  • Make sure you give Android Device Manager the proper access :
    • Go to Google Settings on your device,
    • Go to Security,
    • Switch “ON” the following : “Remotely locate this device” and “Allow remote lock and erase”

To test the app to make sure it is working properly before a bad situation happens, simply:

  1. Go to android.com/devicemanager,
  2. Sign into your Android device Google account,
  3. Check to see if your device shows up.

Android Device Manager

2. Download Lookout App

If you are looking for your lost Android phone and are having a tough time, this tool can come in handy. Lookout is a very user-friendly and simple app. The best thing about this app is that it not only shows your phone location but also sends you an email of the picture taken of any person who has tried to break into your phone by cracking your password 5 times. In order to get more features of this app, you need to use the premium version of it. The app is available on Google Play Store.

3. Download AirDroid

Unlike most other similar apps this app allows you to transfer your documents from your phone to your AirDroid account directly. You can also see the use by accessing the front facing camera on your phone. AirDroid is available on Google Play Store.

4. Download Cerberus App

This is one of the leading and the strongest ‘Find my Phone’ app available today. The best thing about this app is that it makes use of the audio recordings and the microphone to give you clearer information regarding the location of your lost Android device. Download the Cerberus app from Google Play Store.

5. Call or text

If all your above methods fail then the last ray of hope lies in simply calling or texting at your number. You can always hope for a strangers’ goodwill to bring you back your phone.

Finding a lost Android phone can give you headaches. The whole process requires a bit of luck. We hope these tricks help you out if you ever find yourself in this situation. If you are aware of other effective methods, please share them in the comments below.


Author: Ujjwal Kumar

Ujjwal is a passionate blogger from India. He is pursuing B.Tech (CSE) from MTU, NOIDA and is very much interested towards the technology scene. He loves trying out new softwares and posts about them if they are useful enough.

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  1. 2 days ago I lost my phone, but I have LEO Privacy on my phone, so I used my preserved number to send the commands. Then I finally found my phone back. I’m so happy for that, so here I want to recommend this app to you all~ http://ow.ly/7Fv7302SrvM

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