Biohacking Explained – Human version 2.0


Humans are the most complex living organisms to exist, and without a doubt, are the most competitive, and also the most intellectual beings. The factor intellectuality is what differentiates us from the billions of species around, and the same is the reason for wanting to achieve more by working less. Today, we will be breaking down a rather unusual term that might as well change the way you perceive life: Biohacking.

The easiest way to understand this term is to imagine the collision of human biology and hacking. For many years, humans have been trying to improve and bring forward a ‘version two’ of the race, with pretty much flawless beings, but as we all abide by the rule of nature, we can only improve but not go invincible.

NanotechnologyTaking a quick look at one of the many ways Biohacking can be explained, it is what scientists break their heads trying to figure out the best genes for a species to grow and evolve, by injecting in some supplements, or changing the artificial surroundings around it. An elementary example would be – to be studying the best suitable genes for a plant to grow in darkness, technically impossible, but that’s what Biohacking might make possible one day.

So, how could learning Biohacking be any beneficial to a human being? Will he be on steroids for the rest of his life? Will he totally evolve into a cyborg?

Well, to begin with, no, you don’t find a new person in you right from the very beginning, but what you do find is a better person in you. Research has proved that when Biohacking is done the right way, a person with mental disorders, or simply stress, will be able to notice the drastic up-graph in his life. This is all due to the fact that one can now control over his/her body, and know exactly what they need for a little break. The two common neurotransmitters, serotonin and dopamine, are the main eye-candy for the bio-hackers, and achieving them will directly increase better feelings.

Smart drugs for biohacking

However, hacking into one’s body is just as risky as it is exciting and beneficial. If done wrong, Biohacking might end up in really bad results, even demotivating the person for a very long time. Additionally, Biohacking remains to be a new subject, free for all, but also a Science without any medicines when messed up upon.

Summing it all up, Biohacking is an undiscovered Science that needs to be researched upon a lot than it already is being studied in small numbers. The importance and the advantages that it might bring to the human race is incredible, and its potential is truly overwhelming. Just a spark, that’s all it needs to be on the main priority lists of all the beings.


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