The Biggest Android Security Vulnerabilities


Android is the famous operating system with billion devices running. Everyone is aware of it. It was launched into the market by Google. It’s features made people stick to Android. There are many Android lovers in the world. It’s famous for its Google Play Store which has almost any kind of application from dating to desserts. So, today we are explaining you more about the world’s famous mobile operating system and the biggest Android security vulnerabilities.

Android has been extending its features to many other devices like MP3 players, Television sets, and even cars. To be simple, Android is everywhere; and that’s what Android developers want.

Even if you are an Apple fan, you have to admit that Android is more customizable.

But, there are few weaknesses in Android which will make it vulnerable to hackers and here are the list of biggest android weaknesses.

Biggest Android Security Vulnerabilities

Android, being the most popular operating system has got many weaknesses under the hood. So, here are few of the major vulnerabilities of Android OS.

Security and Malware Issues

Android is introduced to our world by one of the most famous organization: Google. There are many incidents when Android operating system got hacked. Thankfully, Google responded very quickly and fixed it.

In addition to this, adding or installing spammy software like the sexy virus is very easy on Android. This will open door to hackers. Google is still working on it.

In July 2015, some hackers team found a severe bug in Android operating system which allowed anyone to hack your Android phone with a single text message. This is not an ordinary one. If someone installs a malicious app, it leads to hacking.

But here, it’s completely different. A single text message could allow hackers to look into your phone. Things like these damaged the security reputation of android.

Apps Are Free With Annoying Ads

Android is famous for its Google Play Store which has more than a million apps. There is a major disadvantage that comes along with them – all those apps have annoying ads.

If you compare Apple App Store with Google Play Store, the latter doesn’t have as many paid apps because everyone knows how to hack and download the paid app for free. Because of this, Android app developers are placing ads to generate revenue.

If you look into the apps in Apple App Store there won’t be as many annoying ads while using an application. But, in Google Play Store it’s quite common and you have to get used to them and click on cross marks.

in-app advertising

Compatibility of OS With Many Brands

Most of the people think it as a positive sign but, this is also one of the most important Android security vulnerabilities.

As Android is open to all, even a small company can get complete access to Android and customize it based on their requirements. Here, the value of OS is getting down as it is available everywhere and even in cheap phones. When Google wants to update Android with the latest features, they have to consider all those low-end phones too. Apple never allows any device to install iOS except iPhones and that’s the reason their OS has a great value in

Apple never allows any device to install iOS except iPhones and that’s the reason their OS has a great value in the market.

Continuous Internet Connection

This is also one of the irking things about Android. It needs a continuous internet connection and GPS connection to run the device smoothly. Apart from this, almost all apps in play store

Apart from this, almost all apps in Google Play Store require internet connection to work. There should be more offline apps, as Internet connection is not affordable for everyone.

In addition to this, a continuous Internet connection will drain phone’s battery fast. Android phones will have less battery time compared to iPhones and windows phones.

Android OS vulnerabilities

Conclusion :

Everything in this world will have weaknesses and android is not an exception. There may be many other things too but these are the four biggest Android security vulnerabilities.

To reduce the threat, there are different ways you can secure your smartphone.

If you feel like I have missed anything important then do let us know in the comments section below. We are waiting to hear from you. I have listed all these above weaknesses based on my experience and knowledge.



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