Five Tips for Effective Mobile Security

Mobile Security

A few years back, Smartphones and Mobile Devices were considered as additional gadgets. People used to carry around those devices to make a few phone calls or to text someone. Now, in the current scenario, mobile devices are something inevitable for most people’s daily lives. Nevertheless, conforming to this change, threats have also been refocused. As you know, there are many threats that can affect your Smartphone and data. So, when you are an active smartphone user, it is necessary to take some precautions against these threats. In this article, we shall give you some effective tips for mobile security in daily tech life.

1. Keep Up-to-Date Software

Smartphone manufacturers try to make sure that your devices are possibly the securest. However, in the course of time, evil hands find out the different loopholes and backdoors. In most cases, your manufacturer would release a security patch or update. This is the same case with several apps and services as well. So, though it may consume your data, it makes lots of sense to update your data on a regular basis. We don’t mean that you should update everything and anything. But, if a patch/update is about security fixes, you should not miss that.

2. Encrypt Your Phone

Do you misplace your phone so often? If you do, you have a lot of reasons to encrypt your phone’s data. Encryption done in Smartphone are really quick and unbreakable. Obviously, you may need to spend some time for that, according to the amount of data you have stored in there. However, once you encrypt the data, you won’t have to worry about illegal and unauthorized access. This is useful when a stranger has access to your device — through stealth or lost. And, you ought to make sure that you are using an effective password or such methods to lock your device.


3. Beware of that Public Wi-Fi

We don’t blame you if you have an affection towards public Wi-Fi services you find in town. When data connection costs you more than a few dollars a month, it makes economic sense to use those Wi-Fi Hotspots. That having said, public Wi-Fi Networks are widely used for malicious activities like data theft. In case if you don’t know, there may be some hacker or evil person who is accessing your system via the loopholes of public Wi-Fi Network. So, don’t often stick on to Wi-Fi you don’t really trust. And, never ever share your passwords or credentials via a Public Wi-Fi Hotspot.

4. Install Apps You Trust

Apps come in different sizes and forms. You may be interested in installing them too. However, always keep in mind the fact that apps can be used for stealing your personal information and creating backdoors. So, when you install an app, you must have an idea about what it is. Also, if you are running a newer version of Android, you can see the permissions that are required by a specific app. In short, think twice before you tap the install button, even from trusted sources.

Apps permissions

5. Use a Mobile Security App

There are many apps that let you have better security in your Smartphone, especially with Android devices. If you don’t have enough time to observe and manage security-related stuff, you should install a Mobile Security app soon. But, make sure that you are using a trustworthy app for the purpose. Such security apps will regularly monitor your device for a lot of threats. Once detected, you will be notified about the possible threat. In addition, you can know about different aspects of Apps and Permissions too.

It’s a sad fact that absolute Security is a more of a myth. However, in most situations, the above-given methods can help you to attain better security. So, secure Smartphone ahead.


Author: Abhijith Cherpu

Abhijith N Arjunan is a content writer, from Kerala, Thrissur. He finds ultimate joy when writing about trending technology, geek stuff and web development. He works as a senior content writer at TechLila Blog.

3 thoughts on “Five Tips for Effective Mobile Security”

  1. Hi Abhijith,
    You mentioned some useful and must follow tips!!
    All of us have smartphones these days. With the advancement in technology and various facilities that you can use with installing different apps, it is also important to keep your mobile secure. These tips shared are worth and every smartphone user should try out these to make their mobile phones secure. Yes, surely while using public wifi one should make sure that their bank details and other accounts passwords can be tracked and used by a hacker. It’s better to be safer than availing such a big risk.

  2. The nature of the Android operating system that is “open” is not without obstacles. The safety factor is often the issue of concern. There are opinions that say Android device you will be safe for you to install apps from the app store resmidalam this case Google Play Store. read more insurance smartphone display

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