How To Make A Good Password

how to make a good password

A strong password is not the just the combination of words and characters. It’s the one with different combinations of symbols, words, and numbers with a very high difficulty in predicting.

Most of the people use ‘password’, ‘12345678’, ‘name123’ or ‘football’ as their passwords. Yes. People also use ‘football’ as their password. It is the seventh most common password in the world.

How to make a good password

Today we will guide you on how to make a good password that will make hackers’ life harder. Many websites are providing security to their users through different ways but if their password gets revealed, they can’t do anything.

If your password is too weak, it will only take few minutes for hackers to crack it down and access all your personal information. So, we have to do our task properly. We can’t always blame the developers if something goes wrong. Here is how to make a good password.

We will list out the things you need to take care while creating a secure password.

Perfect combination of letters and symbols

We have mentioned the word strong. Yes. It’s not just combining words and symbols. Gone are those days when combining the words becomes secure password.

good password

Now hackers are smarter and you have to act more clever too in order to survive. A common combination of words like ‘M!rm@y$123’ won’t take much time to get cracked. Here are the few famous passwords everyone uses:

  • Name@123
  • Mirm@y#123
  • $ury@123

All these combinations are easily predicted by hacking team and softwares. So, go for tough passwords which will make hackers day worse.

For example a perfect mix of combination like ‘h@cker$crewed1.!/html496′. And this is just an example.

There are infinite possibilities of strong passwords like this one. Just create one on your own by mixing all these different letters, characters, and symbols.

Do Not Use Your Name Or Favorite Food

Most people use their names in passwords. Even I did before doing the research on perfect passwords. If you are using your first name or last name in your passwords then do change it immediately! Hackers might be trying to pull out your personal information.

Also, do not use your favorite food or sport in your passwords as they are also easily cracked with a simple dictionary attack.

Now you might be thinking “on what my password should be if we follow all these?” Here are some of the ideas to make your password.

  • Combine the first letters of your family members or friends and add a random letter in between. For example, if your last name is Johnson, use the letters ‘Jbohnkson’
  • Randomize the letters of your favorite food, or sport, or your girlfriend/boyfriend name. For example, your favorite food is burger then randomize it to ‘errugb’.

Do not maintain the same password for all sites

This is the mistake everyone commits. They might be afraid that they will forget their passwords if they use different ones for all of their sites.

strong password

Use different passwords. It’s a basic security measure that goes hands in hands with our tips on how to make a good password.

It won’t open doors to all of your sites if one gets hacked. It’s really a difficult problem to remember a lot of passwords so, better maintain a password manager on your laptop/ phone and store all passwords there.

There are many free password managers available on market. They also provide you many features with a compatibility across all devices. Just change a letter or jumble your password in all of your login details such that it becomes unpredictable.

Here is the checklist to creating a perfect password.

Must contain 2-3 uppercase letters
Must contain 3-4 lower case letters
It must have 2 numbers
It should contain at least one symbol and more than one is recommended.
Must contain minimum of 10 letters
Must not be your name or common dictionary words.

Do check these 6 things before creating a password and if your password meets all these conditions then you are good to go.

A strong password will make your life easier. It is the easiest way to protect your sensitive data. If you have any further queries then do let us know through the comments section below. We are ready to clear your doubts. And feel free to share other tips on how to make a good password!


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