10 iPhone Tips You Need to Know in 2021


Inside of an iPhone, there is a chest of Pandora that hides a large number of features unknown to many users.

Though Apple often talks about how its products are easy to use, it becomes a little difficult when you don’t even know about certain features existing. More to it, there are also some features that are just as useful, though they are more complex.

Therefore today’s article is about learning how to use your iPhone more efficiently and learning some new features you might not have known about.

Tip #1: Connecting Your iPhone to the TV


If you want to learn how to connect your iPhone or iPad to your tv, then read on. The easiest way to do it is by using AirPlay.

Thus if your TV supports AirPlay, just turn on the TV, take your phone or tablet, open the video you want to see on the TV screen, open up the Control Center widget and choose AirPlay.

Tip #2: Preventing the Audio Messages From Expiring

If you have ever sent an audio message via iMessage, you may have noticed that it expires after 2 minutes have passed.

To prevent this from happening, go to the Settings app, click on Messages, scroll down to the Audio Messages, go to Expire options, and choose Never.

Tip #3: Turn on the Dark Mode

Having the iOS 13 or newer on your iPhone allows you to turn on the Dark Mode. You might want to enable it because it is better for your eyes if you are using your phone in the dark or because you just like the black color.

To switch to the Dark Mode, go to the Settings app and navigate to the Display & Brightness options. Here, you can choose between the Light and Dark modes of iOS.

Tip #4: Shoot in Slow-Motion


If you own iPhone 11 or iPhone 12, you can use your front camera to take slow-motion selfies that look incredible in certain scenery.

To take a slow-motion selfie, open the Camera app, tap on the SLO-MO mode, switch to the front camera, and take the selfie by pressing the record button. After you are finished, you will have some good-looking content to share on social media.

Tip #5: Improve Passcode Security

Surely you can unlock your iPhone by using the Face ID, but the passcode is still there, and if it is “123456”, it will be very easy to guess for anyone, and you need to protect your information.

Therefore, we recommend using the alphanumeric passcode method for extra security. If you take a closer look, you will see that there are not only numbers when you type in your passcode but also letters. By using an alphanumeric passcode, you will make it even harder to guess.

Tip #6: Control Volume Using the Touchscreen


Now you no longer need to use the volume buttons if you want to increase or decrease the volume on your iPhone. You can control the volume on your phone by using the touchscreen.

All you need to do is press one of the volume buttons, and you will see an option to control the volume with your finger on the screen.

Tip #7: Create iMessages to Answer Calls

Usually, an iPhone user has the default iMessages that can be used to answer a call, such as “Sorry, I can’t talk right now.”

But did you know that you can create your own messages to send when you can not answer a call? To do so, go to Settings App, then choose Phone, and go to the Respond With Text options. Here, you can create your own messages.

Tip #8: Editing App Size Limitations

Just in case you would go over your carrier data, Apple has set an app size limitation for when you are trying to download a large app while being off the Wi-Fi.

On the other hand, if you have unlimited data you can use, you might want to edit this limitation. You can do it by clicking on the Settings app, going to the iTunes & App Store, then App Downloads, and choosing the option called Disable the Limit.

Tip #9: Edit Your Control Center

Did you know that you can edit the default Control Center by adding, removing, and relocating the items you want? Thus if your iPhone has iOS 11 or newer, you can easily edit these items.

To customize your Control Center, open the Settings app, click on the Control Center, and choose the option Customise Controls.

Tip #10: Switch Between Wi-Fi Networks Faster

It is true that opening your Setting app is not the most convenient way to switch between Wi-Fi networks. Luckily, there is a faster method that will allow you to switch from one network to another much quicker.

First of all, open the Control Center. Then, hold down your finger on the Wi-Fi widget until it opens a list of available networks.


Author: Noah Albert

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