Securing Your Mobile World


Have you realized where we live? Well, we live in our mobile devices, if not physically well then very much virtually and mentally. All our life, memories, people we know, accounts we own, places we’ve been to, a conversation we’ve had and future we are planning, is in our mobile device in some form or the other. But, like we always lock our homes have we thought of keeping our mobile devices safe?

Firstly, if we have not pondered on this important aspect then we should. Secondly, it’s pretty simple, as easy as the functioning of a lock and a key.

Here are few tips that can be followed to keep your mobile device safe.

1) Go through App Permissions

We know it’s a busy world, and so we just keep on tapping “next” or an “agree” button wherever we are introduced to some instructions. Well, app permissions are not meant to be ignored, we actually give them access to our data and this is pretty serious. Whenever you install an app, check every time what conditions you are agreeing upon. Never install an app that asks for your accounts, SMS, mic or sometimes locations. You can always check your app permissions and access app settings by locating Google Settings > Enabled Apps on your phone

2) Use Strong Passwords

It’s a well-known fact that most of us make a ‘Z’ or an ‘L’ in a pattern lock. This might be simple, but it is definitely not a strong practice. We wouldn’t suggest having a complex password, but it should be strong, changed at regular intervals and also a minimal idle time to be set to enable the lock. This will greatly reduce the chance of others unlocking your phone and peeping into your content.

3) Google Play Store Recommended

You never know what you might get into by downloading an app from the third-party website. The apps might be infected and can corrupt the OS. It is advised you disable the option which allows installation from unknown sources. It can be found at “Settings” -> “Security”, un-check the “Unknown Sources” box, check “Verify Apps.”

4) Avoid Root

We all know it’s very fancy and techy to have a rooted device to show off what capabilities our phone is having. But do you really know what are you getting into with a rooted device? Well, it is pretty flexible indeed, but at the same time a rooted device requires more attention and is vulnerable to attacks. So do not go ahead with this process unless you really know what you are landing into.


These are just four important out of many precautions that we can take including working smartly on a public Wi-Fi, not clicking on suspicious links and emails, getting rid of unnecessary apps and if possible having a two-way google authentication.

Mobile security lock phone
Remember your phone has you! So it must be as secure as your important documents in a locker!

If you have any other precautions you can always share them in comments down below.


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